Political Cartoon 2020

Political art really isn’t my thing but I’m not very good with words in the moment so I drew this out today. I wanted to make this as a statement about the current political climate and the current events in our country. I get people are trying to say the confederate flag is part of their history and yeah it is part of United States history but it’s from a chapter in our history that we shouldn’t be proud of and celebrate. We have one flag that represents us as Americans and that’s Old Glory, not the flag used by traitors who wanted to leave the US and start their own country over the threat of losing the ability to own people. Yeah I get that slavery isn’t the only reason why the south wanted to secede, but it’s one of the major reasons. That flag doesn’t represent us as Americans, there’s nothing truly American about it and you can’t change my mind on that. Over in Germany it’s illegal to display nazi symbolism or anything glorifying nazis, because they are ashamed of that chapter in their history and know that’s not what Germany is about or what Germany represents at all. I know some of you may argue that America is more of a free country than Germany, yeah probably but I still think they have the right idea when it comes to acknowledging how wrong and shameful that part of their history was and that it’s nothing to be proud of, not something to call their “heritage”. The confederate flag shouldn’t be what represents the south, once again we have ONE flag that represents us as Americans and that’s how it should be. I know not all confederate flag owners are racists but the flag does hold racism in it. And as for people saying to get rid of the confederate flags and to get rid of the confederate statues and monuments is to erase history, that’s why we have history books. We don’t need a statue honouring Jefferson Davis, or Robert E. Lee to remember that part of our history and to not do it again. I’m sure the same people that like to call liberals snowflakes for getting offended over still will get offended over this but we need to be better as Americans, we need to come together and not cling to something from the past that divided us as a nation.

EDIT: I forgot to add spit coming from the first guy oops

EDIT EDIT: this isn’t my normal style, I intentionally made these characters ugly for the sake of the comic