Old paper art from 2012-2016

sketch of screaming face
sketch of hand holding a hammer
sketch of several things pertaining to Alice in wonderland
sketch of ghostly black figure
gaunt and disheveled man
several eyes
blue stick figure surrounded by the word blue
sketch of security guard with a large rabbit like shadow
bloodied man with a noose around his neck
Grotesque man with cheeks slashed to form a permanent smile, a lobotomy scar, and removed eye lids holding a knife
sketch of bleeding strawberries
needles injecting blue dye into a lemon
black shadow carving a smiley face into a blank human figure
scary looking man pulling out his intestines
head with top of the skull missing, filled with stew
alien on top of a public police call box
heart with nooses coming out of the valves
skull with crossed handles behind it
psychedelic mess of colors and objects
several cartoon figures overlook a ragdoll from ontop of a wall
Taco Bell but for pets
a hand, eye, butterfly, and dark spirits coming out of a hole

This is a collection of artworks I made in the early 2010s on paper